Library Books

We've been going steadily this spring, with story time on Friday mornings, and while there, picking out a few books, bringing them back 3 weeks later.  It's a good excuse to make it there on a regular basis!

O's favorites in March:

The Story of the Root Children,  Sibylle von Olfers
Corgiville Fair, Tasha Tudor
The Glorious Mother Goose, selected by Cooper Edens; a beautifully illustrated edition.

In April, we discovered some good water-site stories:

Harry the Dirty Dog, Gene Zion
~ and a second one about Harry on the seashore
Little Toot,  Hardie Gramatky
Bill and Pete to the Rescue, Tomie de Paola

For May we are reading:

Walter the Baker, Eric Carle
and repeating a few already on the shelf: Curious George and Quick as a Cricket.


serious expression

Frustrated (and oh, so sad)...

Tired unto death...

Trying to get where you want to go...

Star gazing, scheming, and making plans....

There's a time for even these.


O favorites

Going on fourteen months, the lion cub is growing into distinct tastes for certain foods, loving his new friends in the church, and almost standing on his own.  Just this Sunday, he learned to raise his hand in worship as he watched the lead of others singing.  He has lots to say (in his own language), and can read to himself now while tied down in his car seat--what else, but an open-the flaps Farm Book?  His favorite pages: the animals and fruit!

He's also learning Spanish with his English vocabulary without speaking clearly in either one. I tried a couple different language DVDs: The Bilingual Baby (by Small Fry) and Usborne's First Fun with Spanish.  The latter is a nicely made little story of a day in the life of a Spanish family with the narrator as a little girl who also speaks English, and thus translates everything the others say.  Unfortunately, the words that stick in one's mind are the ones in your mother tongue, so it doesn't do much for learning the new language.  Bilingual Baby, on the other hand, is very effective by speaking only in Spanish.  Pictures and an English word in the far corner of the screen illustrate the meaning of the words, which the narrator uses to build a sentence after giving a few vocabulary words repeated to various tracks of classical music.

And did I mention that, along with his little friend Jacob, he's mastered the art of watching TV?


behind but not forgotten

In October of 2010....

Serious crawling, on deck on blanket with toys.

And across the driveway into the leaves on the other side.

All afternoon on the deck, and attempted down-stairs.

Bath time favorite discovery: drains and plugs.

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A most rewarding climb.

Under the table we find dogs, stray toys, and crumbs.

It's really funny!


a few shots of september

Building a moat with mom.

Sand beard!

Beach toys passed on from Mama Pops!


Model poses

August 2010

It's play time!

Intensity at the walker play station.

Torture getting down to the beach.  O's first time in a double stroller and he kept trying to grab baby Rhett's nose, eyes, cheeks--whatever he could reach! Ouch, manners, please!

Practicing his moves at the park. 

Now we're talking: sand beard!!  Can't you taste the grit and salt?